Slim secrets of the French

Slim secrets of French women

The French woman is thin and knows the way to stay thin.

Regular exercise, small portions, a bird-like appetite… is that the secret?

It isn’t just a secret but rather a bunch of secrets, they are tips that guarantee a size 38 like the ladies of the Hexagon: first, a physical activity that is pleasing because a work out that is an unenjoyable routine is always tedious and less effective. Then lots and lots of water, and yes yes, the occasional wine. Finally, balanced meals that are diverse, with a key of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Forget cooking at high temperatures or barbecues, which destroy most of the vital vitamins! My lady, its time for dishes simmered at low heat that retain ingredients of high quality. A hurried lunch sitting in front of the screen in 24 minutes with a coffee at the end? – Never! You have to sit down and eat at regular times and focus on what there is on your plate. And one last thing, no need to cut off your sugar, boycott all pastries in town, or to declare a war on butter; the French understood it. It takes a little of everything to be thin.

Balance, variety and moderation, the French diet is definitely not rocket science, right?