May 2015 FrenchBox : The Cannes Film Festival



FrenchBox is thrilled to be back just in time for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival! Just think: movie stars, producers, directors, agents, critics, distributors and fans wait all year to flock over to Cannes for the most distinguished movie festival in the world. This FrenchBox is giving you the opportunity to become a part of the buzz. Featuring the festival and the city that hosts it in the May 2015 box was an absolute must.

2015_Cannes_Film_Festival_posterTypically, Cannes is a serene getaway on the French Riviera, but as spring rolls around and the temperatures start to rise the city is invaded by Hollywood and the independent movie industry. The Cannes Film Festival was designed in order to bring film professionals together so they can celebrate and share their work. The FrenchBox May edition has every intent to make you a part of the affair by including singular pieces that will make you feel like a participant on the ultimate red carpet and unite you with the many faces that have bravely climbed the 24 steps.

Classic icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Romy Schneider, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and a myriad of other actresses have walked those steps proudly embodying femininity, glamour and talent consequently transforming Cannes into a mecca for female actresses. As Cannes celebrates its 68th edition this year, we plan on taking you on a journey through the history with products that we ruthlessly hunted out just for you, because each box is dedicated to taking you on a dream vacation through an array of aromas, skin care and unique memorabilia.

So hop on board, next stop, Cannes!

What’s in the box ?

Among other surprises, this box will contain an award winning beauty product, two unique pieces of history, and a FrenchBox exclusive – a product that was launched in France just a few days ago.

How can you get the box ?

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Festival Teaser

Cannes’ “Starlettes”

Every year, the aspiring “starlettes” pause for photographers on the “Croisette” – a phenomenon of the Cannes film festival