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This box offers one choice for a purse accessory, see the instructions below on how to make your selection.

What’s in the box ?

This FrenchBox thee is “a French purse”. Among other surprises, this box will have handbag accessories and 3 beauty products.

When you are ready to proceed, click on either link to confirm your choice of accessory. Then:

1. Choose your design(s)

2. Add your selection to the cart and checkout

3. Confirm

You should receive a confirmation email quickly after you have completed these steps.


Make sure you receive your confirmation email!
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Don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this email if you have any problems customizing your box.

* Any new mailing address documented during checkout will be used to ship your box. This checkout will not result in any charge to your credit card. We made sure we could honor our subscribers’ choices but cannot guarantee the availability of all products for all of our subscribers.


See you soon in your mailbox, Bisous!
The FrenchBox team


Choose your accessory for this box:


One apron

I choose the apron - let me pick the design

Two kitchen towels

I choose the kitchen towels - let me pick the designs