Les Notes de Lanvin Oud & Rose Collection

Portrait of Jeanne Lanvin, creator of Les notes Oud and Rose collection, when she was 20Lanvin may be the oldest couture fashion and beauty house in Paris, but it has also managed to remain one of the most relevant.

Lanvin was founded in 1889 as the result of the visionary genius of one woman: Jeanne Lanvin. The longest lasting couture and beauty house has continued to capture the senses of discerning women and men around the world.

lanvin-perfumesIn 1924, Jeanne Lanvin opened her atelier de parfums in Paris – and a world of olfactory delights was born. Jeanne Lanvin’s original fragrance collection, developed in 1929, is the inspiration for Les Notes de Lanvin. The use of geometric shapes frequently used during the art deco period combined with the emblem of Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter Margueritte, which was created by Paul Iribe, represents the essence of Lanvin fragrances.


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