Back to School !


Back to school is around the corner and we could not be more excited about the feeling that comes with it.

Who didn’t enjoy shopping for back-to-school clothes, the sharply decorated rooms, writing on the first page of your new notebook, and the overall feeling of freshness?

Our August box focuses on all the emotions associated with feeling fresh and new, with a touch of France (of course!).

Our boxes are expected to ship next week. Subscribers will receive instructions to choose options for two of the items included in this box.


C’est la rentrée !  [se la rɑ̃ tre] / [say la ra(n) tray] It’s back to school time!


french-box-back-to-schoolWhat’s in the box ?

We decided to reveal a little more than usual! In this box we’ve included:

  • 1 full size beauty / cosmetic product
  • 1 food item
  • Decoration items
  • Objects every French kid has had in their school bag for generations
  • Something new : Subscribers will get a choice of designs for a decoration item and a choice for the beauty / cosmetic product.


This box is only available to subscribers at the moment. Subscribe today to make sure you get yours!


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What do you get in each box ?

  • Brand name products (full size, travel size, sample size).
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  • Accessories and other surprises.
  • At least 5 products or items related to beauty, fashion, culture, food, history, and more.

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Why should you subscribe…

1 – For the Experience…

  • FrenchBox is not (just) a French beauty box. Each package delivers an authentic experience featuring France and its many cultures, cities and traditions. Our team personally assembles a harmonious mix of products to render a unique adventure with each box.
  • Unboxing is always a pleasure… As you open the bright pink shipping box, you discover a beautiful luxury case that can be kept for storage (or decoration!).
    From the personalized postcard to the handpicked products, each box is a new experience…
  • Our boxes will allow you to discover and embrace that “je ne sais quoi” globally admired by men and women.
  • At Frenchbox we believe that each box narrates a story, which is why we always incorporate a personalized postcard filled with essential information behind the theme of the month that incorporates vital information on the products and their history.

2 – For the Products…

  • We want to bring a piece of France to your home. Think of what you would bring back from a trip to France… That’s what we provide for you!
  • We work with a rapidly growing portfolio of over 50 brand(s) names.
  • We select among many products available to us, pieced together in a harmonious box.
  • The products are carefully hand picked and acquired directly from brands or official distributors.
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, subscribers ratings and feedback are always considered when preparing each new box.

3 – For the Tranquility…

  • Your subscription is flexible and easy to manage: Cancel anytime, suspend anytime(ii).
  • Your payment is only due when the box is ready – about one week before shipping.
  • The products are guaranteed to be acquired directly from brands or official distributors.
  • All products are described on our website including expiration dates, ingredients and instructions for use.
  • Complete information: As a customer you’re an integral part of every step in the process, we notify you when the next box theme is revealed, when the shipping date is confirmed and when your box has been shipped.

What’s in the next box?

It’s … a surprise! Follow us on social media for hints and sneak peaks or head to our blog for the latest.

Please note (it’s important):

  • Shipping dates are expected dates only and are not guaranteed.
  • You will be notified when an expected shipping date is confirmed or updated.
  • You will be charged about 7-10 days before the box ships.
  • First payment should be around August 15th 2015.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time before being charged.
  • Florida shipping addresses will see a sales tax added to their total.
  • Only 1 subscription per person and account.

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(i) Products can either be produced, distributed or designed in France. They can also be from a French brand, popular in France or part of French culture.
(ii) You can suspend your subscription up to two times per 12-month period. Please note that if our upcoming box has sold out, we cannot guarantee priority access when you re-activate.