Back to school shopping in France – 1965 newsreel


Fashion, stereotypes and gizmos come together in this newsreel about the French back to school shopping from 1965…

How did the back to school time look like 50 years ago in France ? This video segment made in Marseille (Southern France) and was broadcasted on French television on September 9th, 1965.

A lot of similarities with today’s experience even if back in those days, French fathers weren’t seen around much for this traditional shopping experience.

Interesting to note that the first day of school that year was October 1st, much later than it is today. French School children have been on their summer break since July 3rd 2015 and will be going back to school on Tuesday September 1st.

Our unofficial translation is below the video:  (Click here if the video does not load)


0 m 01 sFor you Madame (Intro slide text). Where do you find mothers this week ? In stores! Anxious and contracted, they participate in their own way in the back to school activities.

0 m 15 sIt’s Back to School Time (Sales sign text). For kids, it’s quite the opposite. Back to school means the last act, the “happy end” of this joyful drama called summer break.

0 m 25 s – It’s entertaining to spend parents’ money especially when you have a good alibi.

0 m 29 s – We change aprons like we change classrooms. And while we’re at it, we’ll have you know that we’ve grown in size so the occasion’s perfect to renew our entire wardrobe.
[icon type=”music”] “If school books talked about love, we’d learn better and it would make boys and girls happy”

0 m 55 s – The large zipper is a must have if we want the kids to fit in with their classmates. Tiles, as you can see, are everywhere.

1 m 11 sSchool supplies (Display sign text). Let’s not forget the gizmos: The large ball pen with 15 embedded colors. The Japanese pen. The officer’s pencil case. The school bag. The traveller’s briefcase.

1 m 34 s – And let’s not forget that this year, for the first time in a long time, the first day of school is not until October first. So the summer break continues.
[icon type=”music”] “It’s too nice out to be working, we’re going out and leaving you the keys”