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Nourishing Body Oil

This dry body oil combines 4 exceptional oils (olive, grape, borage and musk rose oil).
Liquid and quickly absorbed, this skincare leaves your skin nourished, soft and beautiful and delicately perfumed.



Pure Essential Oils

Ready-to-diffuse blend of PURE essential oils from Durance aromathology. Wooden diffusion sticks are provided.


Protective Hand Cream

Protects the hands, leaves them feeling comfortable, for satin-finish scented hands.


Nine Guest Soaps

Durance guests soaps will give your skin a gentle cleaning while leaving it delicately perfumed.
A great gift for your guests, beautifully presented in a handcrafted linen and net ecru sachet tied with a bow of rafia.


Eau de toilette

An elegant perfume presented in a transparent glass bottle (spray).