« Eyebrows are the accent that give the face its full expression »

The Story of L’ Atelier Maquillage Paris

Laurence Alphandry, Creator of l'Atelier Maquillage Paris
Laurence Alphandary
Creator of l’Atelier Maquillage Paris

l’Atelier Maquillage Paris was created in 2011 with a vision: creating accessible and subtle beauty products that highlight women’s natural beauty features.

A Passionate and Spirited Creator

Laurence originally studied economics. She changed paths to follow her true passion : beauty. Passionate about femininity, Laurence is now devoting her life to bringing accessible and quality beauty products to women.

Very early on, Laurence was seeking the best textures, materials and colors that could be used for beauty… Eventually, makeup became her craft and beauty her passion. She went beyond the conception of beauty products : she fashioned a universe and a philosophy that French women love!

« A well defined eyebrow is the element that balances and harmonizes the facial features. »

Unquestionably free spirit, Laurence integrates her vision of beauty into her products : natural beauty should come first. Her buzzing personality brought a novel approach to the industry. Her energy and creativity helped create successful and acclaimed products that celebrate women’s natural beauty features.

Groundbreaking Products

Eyebrow fixating GelLaurence first created the eyebrow fixating gel The innovative product receives praises to this day and continues to delight women (and men) for its ability to naturally shape eyebrows!

Next came the Ligne & Lumière Brow Pencil, a fresh approach to makeup pens. Two tips – one to lighten the arch of the eyebrows and the other one to structure the brow curve for a beautified look.

Eyebrow fixating GelLaurence aspired to bring Atelier du Sourcil’s eyebrow savoir-faire to French women… She envisioned a pretty little box that would be the “Swiss knife for eyebrows”, incorporating all the accessories for everyday eyebrow maintenance.

The Brow Box was born and quickly became one of the brand’s flagship products: the kit includes wax, powder, fixing gel, tweezers, stencils, an applicator, and a brush… 9 functions that can fit any purse or pocket!

« To have a beautiful look, it is essential to have a well-designed eyebrow. »

Eyebrow fixating GelL’Atelier Maquillage Paris continued their quest to create innovative, professional-grade and accessible beauty products. The Pro Designer Brow Pen – a must-have accessory – sublimates and finalizes the structure of the eyebrow. The Deep Styliner, provides a simple to use eye liner with a long lasting effect.

Innovation and quality were the foundations for the entire product line. The attention to details and visibly superior results made it a success! Laurence Alphandary’s vision and audacity brought to life products that are simple to use, accessible and meet the particular needs of all women.
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