8 fashion don’ts of the French woman


The elegance of the French… is this gift written in their genes or are there a few rules that can be help avoid fashion disasters create a tasteful statement like her  wardrobe? Here is a sneak peek into the closet of a French woman.

  1. The art of the mixing
    The lady of the Hexagon knows the art of mix and match and avoids some sets like striped / checks, checks / pleats and pleats / stripes.
  2. Don’t overdo it
    She also knows that skirt that runs a little wide goes well with a tight-fitting top – and vice versa – and high-waist pants go well with a little top (tucked-in) and a nice belt.
  3. Materials
    To match with her appearance, she always pays attention to materials, and will not be seen wearing lycra or cotton tweed with silk.
  4. Choice of colors matter as well
    If they are bright then they must be tuned out with black or white ; no judgement but (pink and red: big no), and dare to contrast (sky blue and brown: yes).
  5. Choice of colors again
    Forget the total pink look from head to toe. Madame here likes a variety of shades and tones in colors.
  6. Look at me in the eyes
    The French know how to put its best foot forward, but not all at the same time: She knows when to wear heels or not; She knows when to reveal her cleavage and if she shows cleavage then her legs are covered, or when to  display the beautiful curves of her calves and hide her chest;
  7. The killer detail
    Madame here is a fan of accessories, but she doesnt overdo it and look like a Christmas tree. She wears scarves, belts and trinkets in moderation and keeps herlight wrists if her clothes are very colorful or printed.
  8. Opportunity brings forth the look
    Yoga pants are used to do yoga and not to pick up the kids at school or a lunch with girlfriends and an evening dress remains in the closet for a barbecue between neighbors. There is a time for everything, and an outfit for every occasion. Never too much, never too little, French clothing is like a chameleon.


Enough playing peekaboo. Use these tips and find the French woman hiding in your closet!